The Mangel Klicks Way

Mangel Klicks is committed to  significant improvement and growth with Private Sector active participation in hospital and healthcare dynamics and focuses its services on providing integrated healthcare services.

Our Clients Matter

The Strength of our Medical Equipment and Hospital Turnkey Experience and Success story can be centered on strong biomedical principles and efficient collaboration:

  • Quality products and cost effective services.
  • Expert pre-assessment and inspection of the facility.
  • Assessment of the equipment needs and total cost of medical equipment ownership.
  • We have a 24hrs hotline for emergency response to problem descriptions.
  • We provide 1-year standard and 4-years maintenance warranties
  • PMC Agreement is always advised for a smooth running of the equipment.

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Great Partnerships

Great partnerships with elite Medical Equipment device companies featuring modern technologies in Biomedical Engineering and working with highly knowledgeable and well motivated work team, Mangel Klicks has outstanding products and tailor-made services. We seek to support the shift of healthcare to a new and higher level of innovative diagnosis, analysis and care. In this regard, Mangel Klicks is supporting many Health facilities, Embassies and Government; and want to expand our drive to personalize patient care and improve quality of healthcare so as to achieve benefits in health and hospital visit.

Quality Services Assured

We have executed several Nationwide Medical Equipment Installations and after-sales support services in Ghana since AD 2008 from Hamile to Garu Tempane, Aflao to Elubo equipping health facilities and supporting Medical Doctors and the Healthcare team to save lives.

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