Our Services

Our Services

Pharmaceutical/ Pharmacy services for Medicines, Pharma, Meditech, Reagents, and Test Kits, Hospital/Laboratory Equipment and Consumables

Sales, Installation, Warranty, Repairs, and After-Sales Services of Medical Devices

Easy acquisition of any new form of applications on usage of medical device

. Cost-effective and tailored solutions to patient care problems

Installation, repairs, and maintenance of Hospital, Medical, and Laboratory devices

Turnkey Project Solutions, Hospital Construction, and Medical Equipment Leasing

Modern designs and renovations in hospital architecture and spatial arrangement.

Modular development of new hospital/clinical units to meet the demands of patients/clients’ ward bedding.

Health promotion, Medical IT, E-Learning, Clinical Applications Training & Education

Auxiliary Healthcare Education and Training for professionals that focuses on basic and advanced medical Technologies - Fetal Monitoring, Echocardiography, Electrocardiography, Patient Monitoring, Defibrillation and Critical devices with handson applications, and so on

Continuous training of staff on the proper use of equipment and safety procedures

Biomedical Engineering, Maintenance Consultancy, and Channel Partnerships .

Optimized equipment testing, calibration and maintenance services

. Improved equipment management and lifespan as a result of training services

Sustaining patient – healthcare professional relationship with your valued clientele, etc