It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mangel Klicks Limited, Ghana and Nigeria.
MANGEL KLICKS is mainly a business group offering an Integrated Healthcare System (IHS);
a concept of “enriching lives together…” which seeks to partner with you and others to achieve
outstanding results in life and business outcomes operating from Ghana and within West Africa
for over a decade with remarkable business experience and results.
MANGEL KLICKS is a people-centred organisation which is graciously enriching lives through
the three thematic areas of Business, Ventures and Foundations premised on its core values
of Quality, Growth and Excellence. The business focus, strategic objectives, plans and actions
within the business development strategy, as stipulated within the medium-term set timelines (AD
2007–2025) continues to enhance the growth of this IHS business. This has attracted interest,
international awards, device and pharma product lines, international organisations and
commanded respect premised on performance on our goals and deliverables.
In the year AD 2014, I was interviewed by a journalist in Europe and my opinion published in a
European Hospital-focused Magazine. The focus of the interview was to know from me the
direction of Africa regarding its Medical Healthcare needs in the next decade especially within the
context of continuous advancement in elite biomedical and technological innovations in healthcare
from highly developed economies that had saved many lives in the world and improved the quality
of life for many more. I was inspired and I am still convinced to say what I said then – “I see the
birth, growth and implementation of great healthcare systems, efficient hospital
management programs as well as solid advancements in patient care delivery among
others whereby the good intent and aspirations of professionals and leaders in authority
will be seen and respected”. With the great and encouraging examples in Ghana, Rwanda and
South Africa, I am convinced that Africans are in good times concerning their health matters.
Leadership at all levels, management processes and systems are exercising more of sound
judgement, excellent forecast targeted at designing long term healthcare benefits. Mangel Klicks
Limited with offices currently in Ghana and Nigeria will remain an integral part of the successful
stories of many health facilities and medical practitioners through her product range and services
in Pharmaceuticals, Biomedical Engineering, Medical IT and App Software innovations.
In the beginning of our business, I was inspired and convinced that we could make an impact on
society by partnering with clients (colleagues, customers and investors) to ensure optimum care
and client satisfaction within the healthcare space in the West Africa region by the year 2025. I
realized from my international and national work experience that there was an increasing demand
for variety and excellence and that this innovation was yet to be actively experienced in the
healthcare market in this region. It caused me a great deal of frustration so in late 2004, I set out
to start a company called MANGEL KLICKS to innovate, create, sell, service, manufacture,
assemble as well as promote goods and services under a business concept called “enriching lives
together…” and using a business model which is centred on an Integrated Healthcare
System. This model focused on and still focuses largely on the provision of specialized, most
current, reliable and evidence-based products and services using modern technological

advancement and elite know-how in Pharmaceuticals, Biomedical Engineering, Medical IT,
Turnkey Hospital Projects, Maintenance Consultancies, Medical Equipment Leasing, Healthcare
Training, Channel Partnership, Stepped Healthcare, Counselling and Advice Services among
others. The business model of Mangel Klicks is still evolving.

For over a decade and still counting, Mangel Klicks has developed steadily to gain relevance,
employing the right tools and outstanding working relationship with staff, partners and customers
to guarantee a deep assurance to quality, growth and excellent outcomes within its Core Values
of Quality, Growth and Excellence. The company has built trust from very good experience
in equipping healthcare institutions with quality and well-maintained medical equipment,
medicines as well as providing turnkey medical equipment solutions. These goods and services
have been marketed and facilitated by employing the delivery of merchandise through its transport
services as well as engaging highly skilled, highly motivated and well-educated persons who are
accessible with outstanding corporate appliances, presentations and office layouts among others.
These have supported the offering of medical equipment sales, maintenance and repair schedules
and protocols on medical devices as well as conducting efficient user and clinical applications
training sessions for doctors, critical care nurses, biomedical engineers, technicians and
administrators. We have successfully executed these services co-operating with a good number of
CEOs, Administrators and Managers of Hospitals and Clinics. We have close channel partnership
with electro-medical manufacturers. We collaborate very well with our project turnkey partners,
staff and clients. Having great partnerships with Medical Equipment device companies
featuring modern technologies in Biomedical Engineering as well as working with highly
knowledgeable and technically competent work team, Mangel Klicks has provided outstanding
products, services and tailor-made solutions.

We seek to support the shift of the healthcare paradigm to a new and higher level of innovative
diagnosis, analysis and care. In this regard, Mangel Klicks is supporting many Government and
Non- Governmental health facilities, Embassies and NGOs; and seeks to further expand its drive
to personalized patient care towards the use of Telemedicine and Remote Diagnostic Imaging to
improve quality of medical healthcare and yield desired benefits from reduced hospital visits in

rural, semi-urban, urban as well as cosmopolitan populations especially with the onset of Covid-

With Ghana’s significant improvement in hospital and healthcare dynamics, awarding
winning bio-engineering companies such as Mangel Klicks Limited have become very
pivotal to the success and advancement of elite device use, medical knowledge and
medical practice in Ghana and across West Africa. We believe that healthcare for patients will
become so integrated and necessary that the healthcare team will collaborate on various platforms
and among various disciplines to achieve a common goal; what we term Integrated Healthcare
System as we continue undertake provision of relevant clinical cum technical education and
training on current medical, surgical, IT and other specialized technologies and innovations
solutions through our capacity building programs.
Together with our strong partners, we have ongoing opportunities through biomedical and
diagnostic interactions on professional dependences across countries and continents. Mangel

Klicks intends to leverage on these opportunities through Medical IT software platforms, medical
practice as well as professional idea-exchange on clinical tooling and devices. We are mindful that
added and comparative knowledge for excellent clinical and technical expertise through capacity
development, in-house training programs and professional mentorship is key to achieving set
goals. In the specific areas of advancement for the provision of specialised products and services
that include on-site 3-D device/model manufacturing and assembling of devices during and after
the Covid -19 Pandemic, Mangel Klicks is ready.

We believe that the real future of medical healthcare and bio-engineering services will develop
actively around Integrated Healthcare Systems as we continue with our concept of “enriching lives
together…” with Governments, Companies, Organisations, Families and Patients by providing
increased access to quality medical healthcare from well-equipped medical facilities. As a
Biomedical Consultant and a Pharmacist, I have come to appreciate the unique opportunities that
our business focus in Mangel Klicks Limited is offering to humanity especially through our IHS
system, utilising know-how in medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and evolving
information technology among others.

I am excited to be part of the vision, goal and platforms that is working in cooperation with
Governments, Non-governmental Organisations and Healthcare teams across the world to
immensely impact and eventually influence positive outcomes on patient care and therapy results
across the continent of Africa and the world by advancing the medical device base as available to
healthcare practices across the world.

We look forward to “enriching lives together …” with you and yours.

Thank you.
Dr Charles Kwamena Ackon
(Managing Director/CEO)