Our Services

Together with our partners, Mangel Klicks guarantees a deep assurance to quality, growth and excellence in its businesses, focusing on :

Biomedical Engineering
Medical Equipment
Turn-key Projects
Healthcare Training Medical Equipment
Leasing Counseling and Advice Stepped
Healthcare Clinics Pharmacy.

Current healthcare practice embraces the combined techniques of medical diagnosis, biotechnology engineeering tools and devices as well as pharmaceuticals to communicate with the patients, prescriber and other members of the healthcare team. In a quest to improve quality of pharmaceutical care and services in medical healthcare in West Afri-ca, the Mangel Klicks® team embarked on activities to help achieve the goals and objectives set out by the board of the company. The past years has seen Mangel Klicks® work diligently to bring unique standards across Ghana within the health sector, especially the medical, diagnostic and pharmacy practice. We have received international award.

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