We Supply and provide Warranty for the Highest Quality medical equipment

Supply and service of Medical Equipment

We offer Pharmaceutical products, Health Consumables, Medical Disposables, as well as Medical and Laboratory Equipment such as Patient Monitors, Cardiac Defibrilators Ventilators etc.
We <span>Supply</span> and provide <span>Warranty </span>for the  <span>Highest Quality</span> medical equipment

We train today's Health Professional in the Latest Technologies

Training partnerships

Mangel Klicks Training Scheme is in Partnership with The Education and Career Resources of Georgia, USA to train and certify students in Ghana for auxiliary healthcare positions. Mangel Klicks (www.mangelklicks.com) has signed a partnership agreement with an equally professional, time-tested and outstanding American Healthcare Company; The Education and Career Resources of Georgia, USA (www.ecrga.com) to provide a platform for capacity building and skills acquisition for healthcare career occupations. Mangel Klicks and ECRGA share a commitment to excellence, both companies support the training of individuals in Ghana, throughout Africa and the United States who will meet and exceed the delivery of excellent patient care and healthcare support.
We train <span>today's</span> Health Professional in the <span>Latest Technologies</span>

We are Enriching lives Together ... with our team

'Enriching Lives Together' Foundation

We are enriching the lives of many people together with our partners and all who share similar passions.
We are <span>Enriching lives </span> <span>Together</span> ... with our team

Our priorities are The Patient , The Product and The Care, talk to us !

Mangel Klicks Pharmacy

Call at the Mangel Klicks Pharmacy located at East Legon for the next generation pharmaceutical care and services.
Our priorities are <span>The Patient </span>,  <span>The Product </span> and <span>The Care</span>, talk to us !

Offering Integrated Health Care Systems .... to meet today's complex healthcare challenges

Mangel Klicks Company

We at Mangel Klicks, offer integrated healthcare systems within our companies, ventures and NGO with a firm commitment to our corporate mission and foundation centered on quality, growth and excellence as we seek to enrich and improve lives.
Offering <span>Integrated</span> <span> Health Care Systems</span> .... to meet today's complex healthcare challenges

Message from the CEO

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mangel Klicks website. We are mainly a corporate group offering an Integrated Healthcare System (IHS); a concept of “enriching lives together…” which seeks to partner with you and others to achieve outstanding results in life and business outcomes. Together with our partners, Mangel Klicks guarantee a deep assurance to quality, growth and excellence in its businesses, ventures and foundation. Read more ...

Talk to us

Mangel Klicks Ltd. Hotline:

For any concerns and questions, Talk To Us on the contacts below. Thank you.

Tel: +233 302 520 945
Fax: +233 302 520 534
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.mangelklicks.com

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